If you are just beginning to upgrade your business into a big venture or having your big business sneak-peek into international grounds with shipments to sell your products, then this is your call for the day. There are many shipments that take place in a day and with the rise of organizations in the e-commerce field where people all around the world can get goods or purchase products through online platforms from again buying and selling, the shipment deals have had a greater outlook. Most of the businesses that run also use logistics to improve their flexibility in the market and give greater customer satisfaction.  First to look at it’s not an easy task to get the opportunity to exchange goods over means of shipping, once you start up the business before you decide on putting your products out there to be sold among various distance you should have the right, legal shipping documents on your hand to prove your liability into transferring the goods. With the accurate specific documents, you can have smooth seller-buyer incorporation in the industry.

What are Shipping Documents?

Also known as export documentation that is essential to get products shipped along the import-export supply chain such as air waybill, bill of lading, or truck bill of lading, commercial invoice,  insurance certificate or other documents required to clear customs and take delivery of the goods. Nonetheless, accurate documentation is one of the most important elements in international logistics and customs clearance. Properly completed documentation will help your shipment reach its international destination on time and reduce the risk of it being delayed at customs.

Here are some shipping documents that you should have in order to be eligible for the transportation of goods.


Commercial invoice

Commercial Invoices includes most of the details of the entire export transaction, from start to finish and is one of the important documents to get. This document will have the detailed descriptions of the products that you have put up for purchasing from order values to quantities or some other customer reference number; you may also have additional banking and payment information.

Forwarder’s Cargo Receipt (FCR)

The forwarder’s cargo receipt is issued by the freight forwarder the agent to the shipper of the cargo when the cargo has been handed over to the freight forwarder. It serves only as confirmation that the cargo has been received for shipping for assurance.

The document typically includes the details from the booking and will state that the cargo has been received in apparent good order. If the cargo is not in good order at this stage it will normally be rejected and a forwarder’s cargo receipt will not be issued.

Booking Confirmation

The booking confirmation is the document issued by the freight forwarder confirming all details of the booking you have made which is used as documentation for the booking sharing between the parties as a clear reference of the booking details, but this doesn’t state the amount as of the cost of the goods.

Bill of landing document

A Bill of Lading document is the most important document involved in the supply chain to confirm proof of shipment.