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/ January 24, 2022

Interglobe Freight Solutions marks three years of success

Interglobe Freight Solutions Ltd., recently completed its third successful year in operation in Sri Lanka.

As a relatively young freight company, Interglobe has been able to make a mark in the freight and logistics industry as a company which thrives in finding solutions for difficult freight requirements of their customers.

Managing Director Kanchana Ekanayake said that there were enough freight companies out there which offer conventional types of solutions but what differentiated Interglobe was what and how they offered effective and efficient solutions to their customers.

“Understanding the entire supply chain of a client and customising a solution which is cost effective and improves lead times has been the key in the success of the company, not forgetting personalised service the company provides. Building confidence and reverting back after finding solutions to difficult needs to many key clients has been the hallmark of the company. These credentials have been extremely useful and effective in the company’s success as a relatively new enter to the market,” he added.

He said the freight, logistics and supply chain industry had its challenges due to increase of rates and space constraints. However, Interglobe had been able to make the most of it to be ahead of competition and offer suitable solutions to their customers.

Ekanayake also said that the company was looking forward to another successful year and would continue to find solutions to mitigate the different challenges posed this year and to increase their footprint in the market.


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